How to increase conversion with marketing automation

You should increase conversion in the shop at each stage. For example, you can implement a campaign for the return of clients, addressing inactive users. How at first you need the following platform. In order to find them, create a segment which is automatically updated when content doesn’t involve the user. In such situations send the attractive offer.
You cannot be limited to one letter. Why not try and include your messages in remarketing campaigns in social networks? Facebook or Google can increase the involvement of the audience. There is a large number of the reasons for which clients don’t make the purchase in an online store. However, you can affect an indicator of the canceled purchases which substantially influences the increase in conversion.


How is it possible to solve a problem of the refuses or low conversion? You can start retargeting campaigns (a message email, paid announcements) or, ideally, to combine both forms for the maximum scope, thereby trying to obtain an increase in conversion of sales. Your purpose is to remind users of incomplete purchases and to achieve their completion. It is easy to tell, not so easy to make.

When the purchase is refused, it is necessary to send an email at once. Further, check whether the user visited a certain URL — the Thanksgiving page on which the user is redirected only when a purchase is complete. If didn’t visit, the system sends the second message. If the order is placed, the special tag for determination of the client is added. Everything is simple!
Do you want to increase conversion? Use marketing automation processes! And provide proper business process management. The transition from the creation of simple email-campaign before the creation of processes of automation of marketing can become a serious step. Automation introduction of marketing is a look forward and planning for the future. However, even such a simple step will influence the increase in conversion of online store and will help to develop business.