How to increase the anonymity of transactions in

Many users of cryptocurrency use to improve the anonymity of their transactions. This service uses the technology of mixing to make the shadowing not possible. While the transaction goes, your coins are mixed with others, so it is not possible to track the addressee.

How does the technology of bitcoins work?

An important feature of the bitcoin technology is the decentralization of the payment system. It means that all the computer stations with client programs, forming a peer-to-peer network, still remain equal to each other. This is because the system is the system of equal users that together control it. The system has no controlling state, no organization that will be above the system.

The good news for the many people is that the use of a virtual currency does not require a deep knowledge of computer programming. To start working with virtual currency, it is enough to install a bitcoin-purse (special program) on your computer or another gadget. The program will generate your own bitcoin-address. There can be as many addresses as it needed (addresses are only used once). The address should be given to the sender who can make the transfer.

 crypto currency

Transactions between the receiver and the sender of payment are made without any third-parties. Theoretically, calculations are conceivable without paying a commission; nevertheless, such payments can take quite a long time. Usually, the process of the transaction goes this way:

  • The payment processing program indicates the size of the commission
  • It makes it possible to conduct the transaction optimally quickly
  • Parties use the to improve anonymity of transactions. Mixing of bitcoins makes the tracking impossible.